No Cordillera Without Benguet’s Agricultural Backbone

In an assertive stance, the Department of Agriculture in Benguet asserts that the heart of the Cordillera region beats within the fields of Benguet province.

“Benguet stands as the primary cultivator of semi-temperate vegetables nationwide and holds the prestigious title of being the leading supplier of strawberries,” emphasized DA-Cordillera Officer-in-Charge Regional Executive Director, lawyer Jennilyn Dawayan, during the inauguration of Benguet’s Agri-tourism Fair at the Benguet Cold Chain Project Compound in Wangal, La Trinidad.

According to the DA-CAR, a staggering 88% of the Cordillera’s overall vegetable production stems from Benguet, with the province contributing 59% of the region’s heirloom rice.

Dawayan further disclosed that Benguet takes credit for producing 60% of the Cordillera’s green beans, securing its position as the sixth-largest producer nationwide.

Highlighting Benguet’s diverse agricultural landscape, she pointed out the renowned agri-tourism destination “Northern Blossoms” in Atok town, alongside the flourishing cut flower industry in Bahong, La Trinidad. The province also boasts two of the nation’s largest trading hubs—the La Trinidad Trading Post and the Benguet Agri-Pinoy Trading Center (BAPTC).

Despite challenges posed by vegetable importation, Dawayan advocated for a comprehensive examination of policies, urging the public to actively support local products. She underlined the importance of local consumers playing a role in countering the issues arising from imports.

Expressing solidarity with farmers combating the illegal influx of foreign vegetable products, Dawayan rallied for collective action, stating, “Let us be the voice in the wilderness against smuggling. It is our duty as consumers, as government stakeholders, and as advocates to promptly report such incidents.”


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