Philippine Military Verifying Involvement of Islamic State in MSU Bombing

The Philippine military is currently verifying the Islamic State’s claim of responsibility for the fatal bombing at the Dimaporo Gymnasium in Mindanao State University (MSU) in Marawi City on Sunday. Besides ISIS, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is also investigating the potential involvement of Dawlah Islamiyah – Maute Group in the attack that resulted in four deaths.

Colonel Xerxes Trinidad, AFP public affairs office chief, stated that the military is analyzing the bomb signature to identify the responsible group. The military and police are on heightened alert to ensure public safety, with a commitment to apprehend or neutralize the perpetrators.

The Islamic State group, active in the southern part of the Philippines, claimed responsibility for the bombing on Telegram. Bangsamoro Police Regional Office chief Police Brigadier General Allan Nobleza mentioned that more than two persons of interest have been identified, with one pointing to a local terrorist. However, specific names are not disclosed to avoid preempting the ongoing investigation.

The blast occurred during a Mass at the gym, attended by students and teachers, resulting in four deaths and 45 injuries. Thirty-five of the wounded individuals have been released from the hospital, while 10 remain hospitalized, with five in critical condition.


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